Gano Excel Launches New Personal E-Commerce Websites for Affiliates

Looking to do more business online? Gano Excel has upgraded its replicant websites with a new design called “My Business Online: Opportunity + Retail.” There’s a lot to love about this new website!

A completely re-envisioned e-commerce function creates a friendly retail experience for your preferred customers! Anyone can visit your personalized website and purchase Gano Excel products that automatically credit your account. The fresh, new design is easy to navigate to find your favorite Ganoderma-enriched products to purchase.

The new website also includes an improved enrollment experience that is simple and convenient. Know someone who could benefit from the Gano Excel opportunity? Simply direct them to your personalized website to complete the enrollment process and join your team. The mobile-friendly design makes it easy for someone to enroll from any device, whether at home or on the go!

Not only can you do more with the new upgrade, Gano Excel gives you access to this valuable sales and enrollment tool absolutely free! Many Affiliates have already taken advantage of creating a personalized website that allows them to take their Gano Excel business online – an essential capability during times of physical distancing.

If you are one of the many Affiliates who have already created your own e-commerce website, we have wonderful news. Starting December 1, 2020, your primary website will upgrade for FREE to our new and improved design. Your website will automatically update with the fresh and friendly design, capabilities and information that will help your business to grow. No action is required!

Plus, to provide an optimal shopping experience for all your customers, any additional websites that you have will also direct to your new and improved primary site. We will be removing these additional designs by December 15, 2020, to help streamline your business.

Want to create your very own website and open up the opportunity to do business online? You can start today by visiting the Back Office online at Creating a new website just takes a few minutes! Follow these steps and you’ll be up and running in no time!

  1. Log into your Back Office using the credentials you created during your enrollment.
  2. Locate the My Website module. When you open up the Back Office, look for the main navigation bar, which may be on the left if you are using a personal computer, or at the top if you are using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Select “Me” from the menu and then click on “My Website.”
  3. Create your custom website! Go to “Create New Website” and click “Create.” Personalize your site by giving it a name (site description), and custom URL (site location). Save it and you have a website!
  4. Choose your design. Go to “Choose Your Look” and make sure you pick our new and improved design, “My Business Online: Opportunity + Retail.” You’ll get all our latest designs and improvements!
  5. Finalize your customization. Under “Setting/Preference” you can select what language your website appears in for your customers. Then, go to “My Contact Information,” where you can decide what details to include on your site so that customers can contact you. 

We couldn’t be more excited about this new smart and friendly tool to share with you! Are you just as excited about this as we are? Tag us with #ganoexcelusa on social media and be sure to follow our pages for all our updates and announcements.

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