Harmonize: Develop a Character of Harmony

Harmonize: Develop a Character of Harmony

As we know, character is built from decisions we make every day. It is said that true character shows when met with adversity. Sure, it’s easy to have a cheerful disposition when everything is going your way. However, what values do you hold on to, even when it’s hard to do so? At Gano Excel, we are committed to pursuing harmony no matter the circumstance. Focusing on the shared happiness of everyone can be easier said than done when we have insecurities about our own situation. Yet, harmony pushes us to share health and wealth to every household. We are not in this alone, and thank goodness for that! So, since it’s not all about us (even when we’d like to think it is), how can we improve our character of harmony?

One action to start taking is finding ways to leave your ego out of it. When holding your 1-on-1 or Coffee Break, remember that you are simply there to SHARE. Share the amazing Ganoderma-enriched product and what it has done for you. Beyond that, it is all about your prospect. How can you help? Whether you hear “yes” or “no,” focusing on your prospect will emphasize harmony. It will also make any rejections feel less personal.

Another action you can start taking is to seek to understand others. Work on awakening your curiosity for others. Take an interest in what motivates your team and customers. Practice placing yourself in another person’s shoes and looking at circumstances through a different perspective. You can also practice active listening skills. When you spend more time on understanding than making yourself understood, you build a character of harmony.

Lastly, you can reflect more. According to Stanford researcher Fred Luskin, 90% of our thoughts throughout the day are repetitive. Taking time to process what’s on our mind will free up space to think about other things. So, if your thoughts are filled with reminders, write down your list. If your thoughts are filled with worrying, take some time to set them at ease. Processing your needs privately means that you can be mentally present when you are with others.

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