Actualize: What’s A Coffee Break?

One of the best ways to introduce people to Gano Excel is through a home Coffee Break. What does that mean? The Coffee Break is Gano Excel’s signature in-home party where guests can sample the product and learn more about the company.

Many network marketing companies utilize the in-home party as a great way to show off and demonstrate their product lines. Parties also provide an opportunity for the host Affiliate to make sales with their network. It is almost like a mini trade show, without the competitors and done from the comfort of your own home.

Did you know Gano Excel has a Coffee Break Guide that details the 5 simple steps for a successful Coffee Break? Here are two quick tips from the guide to get you started!

1. Keep it Simple. This isn’t a wedding reception. Forget the fancy appetizers and decorations. Going to these lengths is actually counterproductive. It can leave people thinking, “I could never pull this off.” So, simply provide the GanoCafé, along with cups, napkins and hot water!

2. It’s a conversation, not a lecture. Few people enjoy sitting through lectures. But many people love having conversations! Allow guests to have a good time, ask the questions that are really on their mind and sample the product to their satisfaction. Yes, you should “present” the products and opportunity, but keep it informal and interact as you go.

A great way to break the ice and get your guests talking is the free SHARE Ice Breaker Game included with your Coffee Break Guide! Simply stack the cards according to the 5 SHARE categories. Let your guests take turns drawing a card and answering the question on the back. How each guest answers will help you determine what types of opportunities may be attractive to him or her. Remember that although enrollments may happen at your Coffee Break, it is also great to meet 1-on-1 after a Coffee Break in order to devote 100% of your attention to answering questions and closing your prospect. So, shake off that pressure! Make your next Coffee Break a fun-filled way to SHARE.

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