Building Your Gano Excel Business, While Keeping Your Social Distance

Hi Gano Excel Nation!
We’re here to recommend some great technology tools that you can use to grow your business during a time of social distancing.

First, you may be thinking immediately of prospecting. How do you prospect when social gatherings are limited? One idea is the use of online community networks. There is a community app that you can access online or from your smartphone called Next Door. You can visit, put in your address and email and create a password in order to get started for free.

On the Next Door app, you can post questions or comments with neighbors who live in your immediate area and may be wondering how to get their hands on some delicious coffee, toothpaste, or soap while spending more time at home.

You can also offer to hand-deliver products for free to their doorstep so they do not have to leave their home in order to get healthy, Ganoderma-enriched products for their daily life.

You can also use a virtual payment app, such as Zelle, Square Cash, or Venmo, in order to receive payments from your customers, so that you can offer a contact-free delivery when you drop off the product.

In addition to Next Door, community groups can also often be found on Facebook that includes neighbors within your immediate area.

Here a few tutorials you may find helpful:

Make sure you tell your neighbors, friends, and family that you have access to healthy, enriched soap and toothpaste in case these are hard to find in retail stores!

You may be thinking about how to present the Gano Excel opportunity with others and train your team to do the same. Thankfully, Gano Excel has released its Gano Excel opportunity presented in a video on our YouTube channel, and as a PDF on our corporate website. You can share a link to the video via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or even email, and follow up with prospects via phone.

You can stay in contact with your team using great free conference call resources, such as Zoom. You simply need an email address to sign up for free and you will receive teleconferencing capability for up to 40 minutes at a time. Watch a free tutorial here:

You can also use other free conferencing websites such as Free Conference Call’s package of free tools includes basic conference calls, video conferencing and screen sharing tools. You can use to host a webinar that allows you to share your desktop with others. This allows you to walk through the Opportunity presentation or training presentation on your computer, while others can watch virtually online and ask questions through a chat feature. International calls are free to select countries including the USA, Mexico and many others. Watch a quick tutorial on how to use here:

Here are a few other options for conference call platforms that are free:

This way you can not only SHARE with contacts you’ve made in your immediate area but with prospects, you have connected with in other areas, states or even countries, who want to know about the goodness of Ganoderma and the life-changing opportunity of Gano Excel.

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