Energize: Small Wins You Should Be Celebrating

Business Team Celebrates

Energizing your team to succeed means engaging with them on a regular basis. It involves training, planning with, mentoring, motivating and recognizing others so they can build their business strong. Establishing these strong legs will carry your business forward and help you to meet your own business goals.

Everyone needs encouragement, and in network marketing celebrating every win can keep your team positive and motivated. At Gano Excel, we love promotions that offer Affiliates a chance to show off their motivation and win big prizes. But it’s not only the big wins that deserve celebrating. New Affiliates benefit from being recognized for the small steps they take early on toward a growing and thriving business.

Here are a few examples of small wins you can start celebrating with your team, and retain your people through the initial challenges of starting a business!

Woman Using Cell Phone

Verifying Your Account. Authenticating your Gano Excel account using your mobile phone allows you to receive Rewards Points on your AutoShip orders as well as payouts on qualified binary commissions. Enter your mobile number on your Back Office and we’ll send you a quick text message with a verification code. Simply enter the code in the Back Office and you’re done! It’s an easy step to ensure you can get the most out of your new business.

Becoming Binary Qualified. When new Affiliates become Binary Qualified, it marks the start of earning residual income for them and their family! All it takes is you plus two: When you are Active and you have two personal enrollees Active, one on your left leg and one on your right leg, you are Binary Qualified! Taking this important early step to build your business is certainly worth celebrating.

Woman Leads Meeting

First Time Leading a Presentation. Standing up in front of a crowd takes confidence, especially when it’s your first time. It’s a big step to go from listening to a presentation to giving one. However, in network marketing, it is important to pass this skill on to your next generation. Training your Affiliates with the product and opportunity presentations means one day they will be sharing this important information with others. When they do, make sure they know you are proud of them!

Every Rank Advancement. Every Diamond started out as a new Affiliate. Thanks to their hard work and determination they advanced through the ranks to become the leader they are today. So don’t wait until Gold or Platinum to celebrate your personal enrollee’s achievements. Start with Apprentice Elite. When they reach a new rank, do something special to recognize their effort. SHARE in their win, and show them you are in their corner.

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