Flying in Style: How Private Jets are Moving Mainstream

There are some amazing entrepreneurs helping to bring the world of privately chartered air travel to a more mainstream American market. Private flights have been around since the beginning of flight. One of the largest private jet firms in the world, NetJets, opened after World War II and is still a successful business to this day. It’s not a new invention. Like industries such as wine, fashion and horology, it is not that today’s success stories are the ones who invented grapes, clothing or time keeping, but that they have found a new way to make it profitable and popular.

First is founder of JetBlue airlines, Alex Wilcox. In addition to running his successful commercial airline, Alex was interested in the premier experience attached to chartered flights. He saw the business potential in marketing it more broadly. Of course, in order to make it attractive to mainstream markets, he had to tackle the issue of affordability. He founded JetSuite and JetSuiteX to market the value of a private flight. He said in an interview with Inc., “It’s like the old beer campaign: everything you want in an airline (namely a fast plane) and LESS – no terminal, no security lines, no crappy food court, no crowds, no surly service.” When it comes down to it, not many people need to charter flights because of a demanding schedule. It is about freedom – the freedom to choose where you sit, get up when you need to, ask for more water, recline your seat, all without feeling that you are inconveniencing someone else. By maximizing logistics, Alex is able to provide his JetSuiteX service at about the same fare as a major airline. Other brands, JetSmarter and Surfair work on annual and monthly fees that allow members to book when they need to when there is availability. Larger brands like JetSuite, XOJet and NetJets are traditional charters paid by the hour.

Then there’s Magellan Jets. Just over a decade old, Magellan was started by Joshua Hebert and Anthony Tivan to place more passengers in seats and more planes in the air. Unlike other jet companies, Magellan doesn’t own aircraft. Rather, it is an aviation broker who networks with hundreds of jet pilots around the country to arrange private flights for its members. At the company’s launch it guaranteed to members that it could book a jet virtually anywhere with just 10 hours’ notice. Now, revenue tops $38 million per year. Magellan puts its money into its relationships with jet operators. A well-qualified scheduling team of former pilots has helped to attract excellent operators with cream-of-the-crop planes. It’s no surprise that Magellan’s annual membership costs are also positioned for the top customers. Its strategy is not affordability, but relatability. By educating the public about how chartered flights work, customers learn how to maximize membership using timing and location to their advantage. The more people believe they can benefit from the service, the better business opportunity it becomes.
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