Gano Excel launches EXTRA – A Limited-time Promotion

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Gano Excel has launched EXTRA, a limited-time promotion exclusively for our emerging leaders. EXTRA earns points within our Elite 88 Promotion… more details on that later.

What can you win with EXTRA? $500 Cash!

Everybody could use an EXTRA $500 cash, and here is a simple way to do that for brand-new Affiliates all the way to Diamond.

If you hold the rank of Gold or below, simply earn 6 points with the Elite 88 Promotion and you win $500!

If you hold the rank of Platinum and Diamond, you also win $500 by simply earning 10 points with the Elite 88 Promotion.

For this limited-time promotion, Executive Diamonds, Premier Diamonds, Royal Diamonds, and Crown Diamonds are not eligible for this prize. This is exclusively for our emerging leaders.

Earning with the Elite 88 Promotion also helps you to get closer to our amazing Elite 88 Leadership Conference in the Bahamas next year! You could be enjoying the sun, sand, and fun with the best leaders from across the Americas!

How do you earn points toward $500 cash and a trip to the Bahamas? You earn by hitting paid ranks within the dates of the promotion. Points are rewarded for advancing to a new rank, or by maintaining a past rank. Visit our promotion website: for details on how to earn points.

EXTRA is a limited-time promotion that ends September 12th, so act now! You have between cycle 663 and 666 to earn these points and win $500 cash.

Lead the way and win!

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