Getting Smart with Your Smartphone Part II

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with a little help. Now your smartphone can be your shopping list, your mailing list and your bucket list! There are hundreds of apps out there dedicated to helping you stay on top of your tasks and connections. Whether you are coordinating an upcoming trip to Malaysia or a weekend meet-up with prospects, productivity apps can help you stay organized and accomplish more.

Wondering how you can put your smartphone to better use when getting stuff done for your business?
Here we’ve handpicked six apps to help boost your productivity with network marketing!

1. Cloze
You can use Cloze to help you close prospects and maintain excellent customer relationships! The app syncs data across multiple apps, such as phone, email and social media, allowing you to see all the interactions you’ve had with one person in one place. It can even nudge you when you haven’t reached out to one of your contacts in a while!

2. Doodle
Not for doodling! Need to schedule a group meeting like a Coffee Break or conference call? Coordinating everyone’s calendars can be a hassle. Doodle allows everyone to input their availability easily and once a time is selected it will automatically add the event to everyone’s calendar.

3. RescueTime
Speaking of availability, ever feel you’re not getting the most out of your time? RescueTime will track how you spend your time on your device (and across devices), so that you can identify what is slowing you down or becoming a distraction. The app can also monitor and even block sites that are distracting you the most.

4. Wunderlist
You can create any list for any reason using Wunderlist. Simply create a list and start adding items. Invite team members to collaborate on lists, delegate tasks to different people, set due dates and reminders, then start checking things off as you accomplish them.

5. Evernote
Evernote is an app that combines several tools into one place. It acts as a mobile journal for you to keep notes and attach photos, voice memos or other files. You can also share your notes with a friend or team member, without requiring them to have the app.

6. Scanbot
This app gets you one step further to a fully mobile office! You can “scan” documents into high quality PDF files, just by using your phone’s camera. It will also save coupons, barcodes, QR codes and more.

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