Get Ready for Round 2!

The Let’s Go! Promotion is Back!

From Gano Excel

Moving You Toward Success

Gano Excel is ringing the bell for Round 2 of the Let’s GO! Promotion! Earn points towards amazing CASH prizes and a trip to beautiful Malaysia, home of Gano Excel International. Round 2 is all about topping your success from 2020! Affiliates are rewarded points for producing at or above their highest paid rank of 2020, as well as helping personal enrollees to succeed as well


Starting August 31, 2020 (Cycle 613), earn points by simply building your team and your business. Advance to new ranks. Maintain a paid rank. Help your personal enrollees hit new ranks. Pump up your ESP enrollments. All of these simple ways that help you grow your business can NOW earn you amazing prizes totaling more than $50,000!

Point levels have been reset for Round 2 to allow all Affiliates the chance to win every prize a second time. Plus, new prizes are on the way! You can start earning points today. Visit for how to start benefiting from this amazing promotion!


Round 2 starts August 31, 2020 (Cycle 613) and ends February 28, 2021 (Cycle 638).

So what are you waiting for?

Start earning points by achieving in these four categories!

Apprentice Elite 1
Bronze 2
Silver 5
Gold 15
Platinum 25
Diamond 35
Executive Diamond 45
Premier Diamond 100
Royal Diamond 119
ESP Enrollments POINTS
ESP-3 2
ESP-2 1
4 x ESP-1 1
Silver 2
Gold 4
Platinum 12
Diamond 13
Executive Diamond 15
Premier Diamond 20
Royal Diamond 27
Gold 3
Platinum 11
Diamond 16
Executive Diamond 29
Premier Diamond 38
Royal Diamond 76

Promotion begins August 31, 2020 (Cycle 613) and ends February 28, 2021 (Cycle 638).

Points are earned in accordance with the table above. Affiliate’s rank for the promotion equals the Affiliate’s highest paid rank of 2020. All points from the previous promotion will be reset to zero. Affiliates will continue to earn “maintain” points if paid at or above this rank for the duration of the promotion, regardless of advancements. Advancing in rank excludes auto-ranks as a result of ESP purchases. Affiliates may earn points by maintaining a rank of Gold or Silver a maximum of 15 times per rank during this promotion. Affiliates may earn points by maintaining a rank of Platinum and above a maximum of five times per rank during this promotion. “PE” is defined as a U.S. Affiliate personally enrolled by the participating U.S. Affiliate. To earn points, 75% of the weekly volume required for each rank must come from the unbanked (newly generated) volume in the U.S. Points earned through ESP-1 enrollments will be rewarded at every fourth enrollment. Only ESP enrollments of new U.S. Affiliates will earn points for this promotion. The personal enrollee must make ESP purchase within 30 days of enrollment.

To win the Malaysia prize, at least 10 points must come from ESP personal enrollments or helping a PE hit a new rank. To win the $2,000 cash prize, at least 20 points must come from ESP personal enrollments or helping a PE hit a new rank. To win the $3,000 cash prize, at least 30 points must come from ESP personal enrollments or helping a PE hit a new rank. To win the $5,000 cash prize, at least 50 points must come from ESP personal enrollments or helping a PE hit a new rank.

Affiliates are responsible for all applicable taxes (not limited to federal, state, local and or income) and will be required to provide his/her Social Security Number or tax ID for tax reporting purposes. Prizes may not be transferred or assigned. In the event that a prize winner is disqualified for any reason, that prize will be forfeited. Malaysia trip refers to a corporate-sponsored group trip with details to be announced separately. Cash prizes are paid in one lump sum no longer than 30 days after the prize is earned.

Gano Excel reserves the right to amend these promotion requirements or rules at its discretion.

We will use the highest paid rank of 2020. This is based on paid rank and so does not include any auto-ranks generated by ESP purchases.

Yes! Any new enrollees that started in 2020 will be eligible to earn all “Advance” points and can begin earning “Paid at” points once they reach Silver.

Yes. According to this example, you will earn 5 points for Silver and 15 points for Gold, totaling 20 points in one cycle. Please note that the “advance rank” points are paid only one time per rank advancement.

No. The first time you are paid as Gold, you will receive “advance rank” points. Thereafter, you will receive “paid at” points for each cycle you are paid as Gold again, for the remainder of the promotion (or until you reach the maximum).

We know that all advancements are a team effort. Your PE must simply advance in rank in order for you to earn these points.

No. The promotion rewards these “helping” points only for helping a PE advance in rank.

Enrolling a new Affiliate with an ESP-3 will earn you 2 points, and enrolling with an ESP-2 earns 1 point. You must enroll four new Affiliates with an ESP-1 in order to earn 1 point. Therefore, for ESP-1s the minimum is four enrollments. There is no maximum to how many points you can earn by enrolling with ESPs.

No. Only for first time enrollments.

No. The new Affiliate must purchase an ESP within 30 days of enrollment for it to count towards the promotion.

Each new promotion works differently, so point values will change from promotion to promotion.

The Malaysia trip, including admission to Gano Excel’s 25th Anniversary Global Convention, requires than an Affiliate reach 80 points before the end of the promotion. Also, 10 of these 80 points must be generated by either enrolling new Affiliates with ESPs or helping PEs to advance past their 2020 rank, or a combination of the two. For example, helping three PEs to advance to Gold generates 9 Points and personally enrolling one new Affiliate with an ESP-3 earns 2 points. The total of 11 points from these two categories fulfills this requirement.

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