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April 22 - December 29

Cycle 803 - Cycle 838

A Promotion for Affiliates in Canada and Puerto Rico,

and their Enrollers who reside in Canada, the US, or Puerto Rico.

Ranks to Riches: Climb High, Cash In!

Calling all high achievers! Are you ready to take your Gano Excel business to the next level and get rewarded BIG TIME? Then the Ranks to Riches promotion is for YOU!

Here’s the deal:

Help your Personal Enrollees climb the ranks and watch the cash roll in!  Every time a Personal Enrollee advances in rank, both YOU (the Enroller) and YOUR PERSONAL ENROLLEE get a hefty cash payout!

Climb High, Cash In:

$125   –  Silver

$200   –  Gold

$800   –  Platinum

$1200 –  Diamond

$2250 –  Executive Diamond

$4000 –  Premier Diamond

$6000 –  Royal Diamond

The higher they climb, the richer you both become!

Promotion Highlights:

  • Open to All: You don’t need to be a new Personal Enrollee, so everyone has a chance to participate and profit.

Local Power: Ensure that 90% of your Group Commissionable Volume (GCV) is generated from your region to qualify for the rewards.

Whether you’re helping others to get started or advancing your own rank, every step forward is a step toward fantastic financial rewards. Dive into the Ranks to Riches promotion now and see how high you can climb and how much you can earn.

Your path to greater earnings has never been more exciting!