School Teacher Turned Billionaire Tatyana Bakalchuk

Are you ready to step up how much money you earn each week with Gano Excel? You’ve fallen in love with the limitless earning potential of Gano Excel’s opportunity. You’ve dreamed of becoming your own boss full-time. You want to build a business that will generate income for you for years to come. Take your business to the next level today. Step up your business, step up your income, and step up your freedom!

Successful entrepreneurs embrace learning, but success does not require a fancy education or degree. It is an attitude. Anyone can devote his or her mind to learning. You may look at a wealthy person and think that his or her acumen comes from a special background. However, acumen does not proceed with success, but develops with success. As you hold 1-on1s and Coffee Breaks you will gain nuggets of wisdom to pass on to your own downline. As you mentor your Personal Enrollees, you will learn how to duplicate; as you hold team meetings, you will learn how to encourage and inspire. So, don’t count yourself out before you start! Your Gano Excel business opportunity is filled with opportunities to develop and grow.

One inspiring example is the story of billionaire Tatyana Bakalchuk. Tatyana was a school teacher in Russia. She and her husband became pregnant with their first son in 2004 while Tatyana was 28. They soon realized that their family finances were not going to be enough to provide for the new expenses coming their way. With her newborn at home, Tatyana found it difficult to leave home, let alone find work. So, while Tatyana was on maternity leave in her Moscow apartment, she began to partner with a German retailer to sell colorful children’s clothes online. She believed there was a business opportunity in serving other young mothers who found it difficult to leave home to shop. As it turned out, she was onto something.

At first, it was just a matter of retail sales. Tatyana would buy products in bulk for a discounted rate, take some photos, and then sell them at a competitive retail price through her new business and pocket the profit. As Tatyana’s e-commerce business grew, she knew that she would need to hire staff, rent a warehouse and advertise more — can we just say how much we love that network marketing businesses don’t have to face these types of expenses? Despite the extra costs, Tatyana stepped up her game, and as a result, her business continued to take off.

Tatyana’s company, Wildberries, has since expanded to sell more than 15,000 brands of products. The e-commerce website attracts 2 million visitors every day from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. In 2018, the company processed an average of 400,000 orders per day! Now, the business is valued at $1.2 billion, and with 100% ownership, Tatyana Bakalchuk has become one of only two Russian women to be worth more than $1 billion.

Tatyana’s story shows that success truly does not require a business degree or special background. When the opportunity came, she embraced the journey ahead despite its uncertainties, and with every step of growth, she gained greater wisdom and knowledge. Make the same true for your Gano Excel business. All it takes is a decision to step up, and a commitment to keep stepping up as your business blossoms.

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