Saving money while having fun can be one of the greatest joys. You can easily feel like you are getting more than your money’s worth when with the right company and enjoying the right activities.
Socializing is an important aspect of network marketing, and we encourage Affiliates to socialize as much as possible in order to SHARE as much as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of your hard-earned money coming up with ways to entertain your network of leads.

When thinking about what sort of activities to plan, just follow these two simple criteria: does it save you money, and will you be able to network while doing it? Don’t break the bank throwing expensive parties. And although an outdoor run may sound fun, it’s not always the best opportunity to talk about your business.

Here are some low-cost social activities that you can think about for every season! SPRING It’s the perfect time to invite friends and prospects to a local park for some light recreation. Host an inexpensive picnic with a few group activities like frisbee, and be sure to bring along product to SHARE!

SUMMER With so much good produce in the summer, why not invite some friends to SHARE some of their best recipes? You could host a pie baking or chili competition, or just enjoy an easy potluck. Make sure to invite prospects to taste test for free!

FALL Keep up the fun by hosting an opportunity for friends and prospects to show off their talent. Simply provide an open mic or some music for guests to sing or dance along. Serve your favorite GanoCafé products a voilà! Networking is easier when people are having fun.

WINTER ‘Tis the season for easy indoor activities. A game night may be the perfect invitation for fun-loving prospects, and simple group games like bunko or bingo can keep the competition light enough to mingle and socialize in between rounds. And there’s always hosting a weekly viewing party for your favorite reality TV program! Whatever you choose, keep it simple, save yourself some money and focus on creating a fun, relaxed environment for networking your business.

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