Tips to Excel at Follow-Up

When thinking about socializing, your mind may first imagine meeting new people. Networking often involves a lot of first conversations. However, when it comes to growing your business, it’s up to you to make sure that first conversation is not your last. Keep the conversation going through a deliberate follow-up strategy. By exercising patience, perseverance and perspective, you can SHARE the health and wealth of Gano Excel to more people.

  1. Find the Right Time. Connecting with prospects during a time of day when they are available is more likely to succeed. This is especially true when sharing videos or websites for your prospect to view. Many people are not able to use their phone during work hours. While industry experts report that the best time for phone calls is generally in the middle of the week between 4pm and 6pm, the best way to determine what works best for your prospect is to ask them.
  2. Pace Yourself. When you initially contact your prospect, it can be beneficial to follow up quickly, within an hour, to see if they have followed through with any actions you asked of them such as watching a short video. However, after this initial follow up it is best practice to pace yourself with further contacts. While it is important not to give up too quickly, you also want to increase the time you give your prospect between each contact. For instance, two days, followed by four days, followed by a week, and so forth.
  3. SHARE Something New. Try not to simply repeat yourself every time you call. Instead, continue to provide new information to show all that Gano Excel has to offer. Gano Excel has a variety of resources, including videos and articles that you can send easily via an email or text message. These highlight many aspects of the company, our Ganoderma-enriched products, and excellent business opportunity.
  4. Ask for Action. Every time you SHARE with your prospect, invite them to take action. This could be as simple as watching a short video, tasting a sample of our delicious products, attending a webinar or presentation, or registering for a corporate event. This gives you something specific to follow up about, instead of “just checking in.” Give your prospect a clear step to take that will help you measure how interested they are.
  5. Pursue a “Yes” or “No.” You may not reach your prospect right away. This could be for a number of reasons and is not the best indicator of whether or not your prospect is interested. You could be calling at a busy time of day. They could be on vacation. Experts acknowledge that many people in the industry give up too soon. Do your best to persevere with your follow-up until you hear a “yes” or a “no.” If you do hear “no,” it is best to accept it and continue on with other prospects.

One great aspect of Gano Excel’s network marketing business model is that your Diamond leaders have learned what works and what doesn’t. Your Upline may have a follow up technique that works great for them. Their experience can become your expertise! Reach out to your Upline for additional training on this important part of your business.

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