Energize: Sharing Success with Others

At Gano Excel, we love the positive, dynamic energy that comes from using our Ganoderma lucidum enriched products. We are proud of the healthy energy and balance this miracle herb delivers through hundreds of phytonutrients in every cup! We work hard to deliver to you the world’s finest Ganoderma, cultivated according to Mr. Leow Soon Seng’s specifications and prepared with the utmost care. Now, that it is in your hands, all you need to do is SHARE!

We love to see our Affiliates embrace their newfound energy and confidence. It is exciting to watch as your inner leader comes alive and inspires others to act in the process. Enthusiasm is certainly a valuable secret ingredient of success. What can get in the way of enthusiasm many times are insecurities. You may feel pressure to make a sale or worry about what someone may think about you. Fortunately, insecurities can be fought with belief. Believe that what you have will help someone. You may not know who that person is yet, but it is your mission to find out. So you SHARE to find the right people. Don’t focus too much on those who are not ready for the change of lifestyle Ganoderma can bring. They may need more time. Focus instead on those who are ready for your help!

The confidence that comes from your new lifestyle exudes happiness and health that is undeniable. Healthy people have a noticeable balance to their life. Happiness makes it contagious! Don’t be shy about allowing people to see and notice your lifestyle. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to show off a little bit. Allow others to become curious about you. How are you able to spend so much time with your children? How is it you dress so well? Living your lifestyle outwardly allows people to be attracted to the opportunity you have to SHARE.

Lastly, don’t lose your balance! When you try to do too much, your life becomes weighed down and you begin to lose that life-changing energy. This can happen from having a cluttered lifestyle, including too many relationships to manage. Gano Excel loves the simplicity of a binary organization because it places your focus on mentoring just two people, one on your left and one on your right. By pouring most of your energy and enthusiasm into these two people, they can in turn pass it down the line, strengthening your overall organization. When it comes to advertising your lifestyle, the more the merrier. However,
when you SHARE your lessons of success, keep it simple. Teach your next-in-line, help them to achieve success, and mentor them as they teach the next generation to do the same.

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