Energize: Tips to Check Your Body Language

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “it’s not what you say; it is how you say it.” Perhaps you’ve experienced this firsthand. Perhaps, even by accident, you have found yourself in a pickle because your tone or body language gave your listener the wrong impression about what you meant. Whether you like it or not, or whether it’s intentional or not, your body language is important when meeting to energize others.

In order to energize a prospect or a team member, you want your whole body to communicate the enthusiasm you have about what you are sharing – be it a sachet of GanoCafé at a 1-on-1 or an opportunity presentation at a local event. Here are some key areas to practice in order to improve those vital non-verbal signals.

The Head

Be mindful of your head, face and especially, your eyes. Aim to keep your head up in a balanced position. Practice lifting it gently if you are prone to gazing downward. Nodding modestly gives you an opportunity to adjust. You also want to maintain good eye contact. Hold your eyes on your listener for a few seconds at a time. You do not want to stare or look overly intense, just enough to convey your interest.

The Hands

What you do with your hands also sends strong signals about your interest and presence in a conversation. Avoid fidgeting with clothes, pens or phones, which communicate boredom. Folding your arms in front of your body feels defensive while placing them on your hips feels aggressive. Relax your hands, and keep them at your side or on the table. Also, be mindful of touching your face. Many people perceive touching your face while speaking a sign of dishonesty. Practice your gestures in a mirror to see the difference between a pensive look and an untrustworthy one. Lastly, practice a firm handshake. The trick is to not overdo it, as it could become awkward or even painful for the other person.

The Hips

Confidence can come from how you hold your hips. Avoid slouching or turning away
from your audience. Stand and be mindful of the tension in your body. Feel where your weight is centered and take a moment to consciously adjust it so that you are balanced. You want to feel that your weight is evenly distributed through your legs, arms, and body. Take a few deep breaths to reset and get comfortable in this new posture. Taking this moment to focus will strengthen you, improve your posture and help you to have positive, controlled energy rather than wild nerves.


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