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The world we live in today moves fast. Staying active and productive allows you to achieve more, but it can be easy to neglect your well-being. Each day is filled with work, life and play that can leave you feeling physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted. You may spend your day feeling too busy, and your nights feeling too stressed. Nurturing your mind, body and spirit can help you to enjoy the lifestyle that keeps you going.

Gano Excel offers three supplements that support you as your push forward in your pursuit of a happy and healthy life. Ganoderma lucidum, also known popularly as Reishi, is a red mushroom prized for centuries as a promoter of longevity and health. Today, it remains popular for a variety of researched wellness benefits. Gano Excel grows and harvests the world’s finest Ganoderma as an all-natural supplement for daily consumption.

GanoDaily supplements deliver wellness benefits through the convenience of a simple capsule. Vegan-friendly, these supplements are made from pure, fine mushroom powder from our private farm in Malaysia. Each one provides hundreds of phytonutrients and bioactive compounds that benefit a modern lifestyle. Together, they provide a nurturing balance of mind, body and spirit that delivers greater wellness for the whole you.

Excellium for the mind. This natural nootropic supplement uses 100% Ganoderma mycelium packed with polysaccharides and organic germanium. These natural elements can increase oxygen levels in the blood, supporting mental alertness and clarity. Unique proteins, enzymes and amino acids can support effective brain function and provide the mental stamina you need to get through the day.

Cordyceps for the body. Gano Excel uses 100% Cordyceps militaris to deliver its unique bioactive compounds to the body. The natural herb has shown to improve oxygen use through the body during exercise. Give your body the extra support it needs to feel strong and replenished. Building up stamina helps to cope with stress and overall feelings of rejuvenation. 

Ganoderma for the spirit. Achieving a holistic balance starts with creating bioavailable space. Ganoderma aids with uptake of important compounds to improve overall vigor. Ganoderma’s beta-glucans and antioxidants provide core cellular support that helps you feel your best. Its adaptogenic properties support a balanced immune system that defends against inflammation. 

How can I nurture my body, mind and spirit? Support all three of these holistic disciplines with the all-natural benefits of Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps militaris. Gano Excel’s daily Ganoderma, Excellium and Cordyceps supplements complement each other to form a synergy of wellness, energy and rejuvenation.

You can add the complete body, mind and spirit collection to your AutoShip simply by visiting your virtual Back Office. Not a Gano Excel Independent Affiliate? Call us at (626) 338-8081 to get started with your journey to all-natural enrichment today!

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