You’ve heard about the many benefits exercise can do for your healthy lifestyle. And since you love Gano Excel’s Ganoderma-enriched products, we know that a healthy lifestyle is important to you. However, you may get exhausted by just thinking about adding a strength-building workout into your schedule. Have no fear! If there’s anything we at Gano Excel are experts at, it is building healthy habits into the things that we already do – like drinking coffee and brushing our teeth! Here are some tips on how to work in a simple workout while at home.

Kick “no time” off your list of workout excuses! Instead, use the time you already have to change your life. Even though our modern lifestyles keep us busy, it is surprising to think about how little we move around and use our muscles. We can accomplish so much with just the press of a button. Let these conveniences work in your favor as you look for time to work more movement into your day. Think about some of these great times to get in some extra steps:

Running Errands.

Park a little farther away from your shopping destination. You’ll likely save time searching for an open space, and you can use that time to walk the extra distance.

Waiting for the Kids.

Do you drop your kids off at practice only to turn around and pick them up less than an hour later? Save time and gas driving back and forth by taking a walk instead.

Television Commercials.

You don’t have to leave the house, or even leave the room. Breaks built into programming are perfect opportunities to get up, stretch, move, and even do some quick strength-building exercises! See how much you can accomplish before your program returns.

You can also strengthen your muscles without spending a fortune on fancy equipment. Substitute a simple, weighted household item for your favorite strength training exercises. Here’s a handy guide to some common items that you can use. Just keep in mind, the weight listed is based on unopened and unused items. As you consume the product, it will weigh less. So, keep a spare one in stock and replace your “workout” one when you need to open it.

2 Lbs – Use a quart of liquids such as milk, cream, soy milk, or broth. Make sure it is completely sealed to prevent messes. You can also find small bags of rice sold in 2-lb portions.

5 Lbs – Large bags of rice are commonly sold in 5-lb portions. You can also find produce packaged at this weight, such as bags of potatoes, carrots, or apples. A standard bag of flour is also five pounds.

10 Lbs – Look for a large container of laundry detergent. You want your package to say 160 ounces, which is equal to 10 pounds.

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