Seven Apps to Help Your Personal Development!
Lucky for you, leading a life dedicated to learning can be done on the go. Now you can pick up new skills and know-how using your smartphone! Enrich your knowledge about a variety of topics that will help your Gano Excel business and your lifestyle! For instance, learn a new language that will help you break into a new market; or read articles about personal finance to manage your weekly paychecks. There are hundreds of apps dedicated to delivering a headful of knowledge directly to your device, through e- books, videos, articles, speeches, and fun facts! Here are seven that we’ve picked to help compliment your new lifestyle of health and wealth.
1. YouTube
We’ve covered this app before for its great networking potential. When you’re not posting your own content, YouTube is great for learning new skills! Simply search the app for something you want to learn, such as “how to dress professionally.” You’ll get a list of videos to help you out!
2. TED
Perhaps it is not a technical skill you want to learn, but personal motivation and discipline. TED talks are short speeches given by industry experts and they focus on ideas to stimulate and inspire your creativity and productivity.
3. Coursera
If a traditional format is more your style, Coursera offers online courses covering thousands of subjects. Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Many courses are offered in multiple languages and are available to complete at your own pace! You can pay per course to access tests and discussions, or audit the course material for free.
4. DuoLingo
For learning a new language, DuoLingo is one of the most popular apps out there. Be it English, Spanish, Japanese or even Swahili, the program is simple and completely free!
5. Mint
Intuit’s Mint app is a great start to managing your household’s money. Learn how to set up a budget, meet financial goals and track spending habits. It’s very useful for learning how to pay down debt and build wealth in its place!
6. MyFitnessPal
Regarding a healthy lifestyle, MyFitnessPal is great for tracking diet and exercise. You can easily set goals, track progress and access thousands of free articles centered on healthy living. Use MyFitnessPal’s gigantic nutritional database to learn more about how certain foods or exercises affect your body, allowing you to make better choices!
7. Insight Timer

Insight Timer has more than 20,000 free guided meditations in multiple languages that allow you to develop a better habit of relaxation and focus, essential for a healthy lifestyle! Popular topics include meditations for sleep, confidence, and happiness.

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