Getting smart with your smartphone


Today’s age of smart devices allows us to do more with the push of a button than ever before. It could be said that multitasking has become the new standard of living. You can order groceries while at a doctor’s appointment. You can bank from the beach. You can hold conference calls from a café. So, how can this help you as a network marketer?
Now you can network with prospects and team members on the go through thousands of apps available to you. Here are five that we’ve picked that can help you grow your audience as an independent Affiliate.

1. Shapr
Shapr was designed to help professionals broaden their network by meeting new people. It can be useful for generating leads because the app only allows matches that show mutual interest in an introduction.

2. Youtube
Creating your own YouTube channel will allow you to upload videos to share within your network as well as post publicly to the world. YouTube has been one of the most used social media channels of network marketing professionals for years.

3. Facebook & Messenger
You can create a professional Facebook page for your business that delivers messages, photos and other updates into your followers’ news feeds. It’s Messenger app also allows you to send and receive direct messages with your customers via your Facebook page.

4. Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp Business was made for independent business owners and is available for free. You can send announcements and messages directly to customers and prospects as an alternative to SMS texts.

5. Zoom
You can hold meetings on the go using the Zoom app. The conferencing app allows multiple people to attend the call via video or audio only. You can also share your screen with meeting attendees when walking through a tutorial or a presentation during the call.

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