Revitalization is part of physical healing, part mental freedom, and part emotional release. Get all three on your next day all about YOU! A full day of pampering should include kicking your feet up, having the luxury of service, escaping from the stress and some of your favorite activities. Here’s a few ideas to keep in mind for your next day off, thanks to the income and flexibility you’ve gained from your Gano Excel business!

1. Golf for 1 – Nothing says “It’s my day off” like a round of golf! Now that you are in charge of your own schedule, why not pencil in some time to show the green who’s the boss? Not a golf fan? Spend the morning doing something active that allows you to be one with yourself. Think about ski on the slopes, surfing the waves, or even a scenic bicycle ride. It is revitalizing to assert ownership over your time by spending it on you and you alone!

2. Spa Day – Is there anything more relaxing than spending a few hours relaxing at a spa? Scale your experience to your comfort level for maximum revitalization. Is a Swedish-style massage enough for you to feel brand new? Or perhaps you want to throw in sometime in a luxurious hot spring pool? To go all out, get a full package of relaxing treatments for your skin, hands, and feet, and wave stress a long goodbye!

3. Wine and Dine – Your day of pampering wouldn’t be complete without treating you and a special someone to an above-and-beyond meal. Give yourself permission to choose that restaurant you’ve always dreamed about. Dress yourself up and put on those shoes you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Order what sounds the most delicious, and splurge on a bottle. Tonight you are living the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

The best part of a day of pampering yourself is that you walk away with the realization that the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of is possible and you are in the middle of achieving it. It refuels your passion and energy. It gives you the courage to face difficulties and challenges. It can bring new life to the way you SHARE about Gano Excel. So, take a day and soak it all up – for YOU!

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